In the part 1 of this article, I presented the structure that I used to conduct the first meeting with a potential co-founder from Antler’s community. In this part, I will go through how the second meeting is conducted. Before the meeting, both parties should have downloaded and filled Antler’s Track-out Questionnaire.

When the meeting starts:

  • In your zoom call share screens and go over the co-founder questionnaire spreadsheet question by question.
  • The more you listen the more you will know about the person. …

The day before I heard from Jack Kuveke that I was accepted into Antler, I was contemplating the option of joining the summer cohort of On Deck. My goal was to be a part of a community that I share an entrepreneurial spirit with, and whose members have the practical skills necessary to build a company. I was willing to pay to be a part of such a community. After being accepted to Antler and reviewing the acceptance package, I realized something. …

Howdy, everyone. My name is Fahad Alwubayran and I’m so thrilled to be in a group of ambitious and highly accomplished people like y’all.

A few fun facts about me:

— Many people know me as Bill.

— I was born and raised in a lower middle-class family as the third out of 7 kids.

— I grew up in the south og Saudi Arabia in an oil dry mountainous region that has an agriculture-dependent economy (not a desert) Check it out here.

— Given my limited options, I knew from an early age that being an entrepreneur is what…

Fahad Alwubayran

The Founder and President of Bight.

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